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What happened to BMAF?

Back in 2000, a visit to the inaugural F1 race at Indy, I looked around and had an idea, “what if I got a dollar from each person in the stands to buy a Ferrari?”  How selfish.  How stupid.  How ridiculous.  How funny.  And with that idea, was born.

BMAF Original Logo

Originally, I set up a savings account for the Ferrari, took in paypal donations, but overtime, after accruing around $850 in donations, I gave up on the savings account just after the dot com bust somewhere around 2002 or 2003.

Funny thing happened, after I created the site, there were a few others that popped up thereafter, even one where someone racked up a lot of debt and asked for bucks to pay it off.  She matched each donation, paid off her ~70K debt IIRC, and went on Oprah and a few other shows.  No one really wanted to help out a guy buy a dream car back then, and least likely now.

Other distractions got in the way, but I never lost sight of the dream to one day own a Ferrari.  Recently, that dream came true and I bought a Ferrari.  Well, I bought it the wrong way you could possibly buy a Ferrari, and I plan on documenting it here.

With each day I have with this car, with each bolt I wrench on, or each part I try to replace, there’s always a story behind it.

360 Challenge at COTA